Public Relations
Head of Department

Amani Andrew Kakana

MA (IS), Information Scientist

The objective of the Public Relations Unit is to provide expertise and service in information, communication, public relations and dialogue with public and the media to the Institute. The Unit is led by Head and performs the following functions:-

  • Develop Public relation strategies for the Institute,
  • Identifies and explores new market niches for the Institute programs and consultancy services,
  • Formulates policies relating to public relations and the dissemination of information,
  • Publishes and disseminate information about various functions of the Institute, Coordinates the provision of public relations services throughout the Institute by establishing the appropriate communication channels and chains,
  • Promotes an understanding of the Institute and its functions, develop an interest in and support for its functions and ensure appropriate recognitions of its achievements and its contributions to the society in which it functions,
  • Acts as the Institute advisors on matters related to public relations,
  • Produces information sheets, bulletins of events and other publications for internal consumptions,
  • Develops and maintain an appropriate newsletter and Website pages to disseminate information on the development in the Institute, major decisions and polices adopted by various committee and bodies including action taken,
  • Assists in the Organization and preparation of Institute events and functions, and
  • Maintain well-developed lines of communication with all Medias including press, Radio, Television and with Central and Local Government.

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Public Relations