Ordinary Diploma Admission Regulation

Minimum Entry Qualifications for Ordinary Diploma (NTA LEVEL 4-6) Programmes

Candidates may join the Ordinary Diploma (NTA LEVEL 4-6) programmes offered by DIT through the Direct Entry Scheme.

  Direct Entry Scheme

In order to qualify for admission under the Direct scheme, a candidate must be a holder of a good Certificate of Secondary Education (CSE) with a minimum pass of “C” grade (or 9 points based in the following conversion: (A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4 for applicants who completed Form IV before 2013) and (A=1, B+=2, B=3 C=4, D=5 for applicants who completed Form IV in 2013 to date) in the following three subjects; Physics/Engineering Science, Mathematics and Chemistry or English, or must have a good General Certificate Course in Engineering (GCE).

For admission into the Ordinary Diploma (NTA LEVEL 4-6) in Science and Laboratory Technology, Biomedical Equipment Engineering and Food Science and Technology applicants must have passed chemistry and Biology in addition to the above requirement.