Admission General Information


In order to promote learning competitions among students, the Institute, awards prizes to the best three students in each academic department who have shown outstanding performance in academics for all the subjects carried out in an academic year.


Currently, DIT has a limited number of rooms in its hostels to provide accommodation to all students. Campus accommodation is obtained upon application by fulltime ADE and B.Eng students. Students' hostels are located within the DIT compound and Chang'ombe area. Students seeking accommodation in the Institute's hostels are required to bring with them: pillows, mosquito nets and blankets. The Institute's mattresses and beds are hired at the rate of five thousands shillings (5,000/=) and two thousands shillings (2,000/=) respectively per academic year for NTA levels 4-6. ADE/B.Eng Students are required to pay a prescribed accommodation fee.

Students accommodated at the Institute's hostels must observe rules and regulations applicable to the Institute's hostels. These include, but not limited to, the strict requirement for all students to vacate their rooms and hand-over their room keys to the Warden/Matron during vacation Industrial Practical Training periods as well as not to cook in hostels or employ house girls/boys for cooking and laundry duties.


Most of the students' activities at the Institute are organised by the DIT Students Organisation (DITSO) under the coordination of the Office of the Dean of Students. The Organisation is concerned with the student's academic, political, social and recreational activities. Every student becomes a member of DITSO (Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology Student Organisation) and students are advised to make their academic life meaningful by making their Organisation contribute positively towards the Institute Vision, Mission and its objectives.


NTA Level 4-6 and FTCstudents are not paid meal allowances, instead, meals are provided by the Institute in a dining hall located in the campus. Menu depends on the ability of the sponsor. Government sponsored B.Eng students obtain their meals from a number of points providing catering services within the proximity of the Institute. The same applies to all day privately sponsored students.


The Institute has a Health Care Unit for students, staff and their families. The Unit provides outpatient services on cost sharing basis and may refer patients to other hospitals if necessary. The vision of the DIT Health Care Unit is to expand the services, which will include provision of in-patient services and medical laboratories. Before admission to DIT, each student is required to furnish the Institute with a satisfactory medical report from a recognised medical practitioner or medical officer. Students are directed to report at the Health Care Unit each time before they embark for any referral treatment.


Gender Development Unit (GDU) is a unit which deals with solving problems related to gender imbalance in education and training at DIT. The task force, in collaboration with DIT management, plans and implements various programs for improving enrolment of female students in engineering courses. The establishment of GDU at DIT is an important strategy for bridging the ever-growing gap in technical education between men and women at the Institute and the society at large. In the near future, GDU will also undertake the task of promoting capacity building for female staff at the Institute through seminars, workshops and other related courses.


DIT possesses a variety of renting facilities, which are available for use at reasonable charges. Its ideal location in the city centre makes it possible for excellent use and access of these facilities for interested users.
•DIT has 19 engineering workshops and 4 science laboratories that can be used for providing both training and production services to students and outside community.

•It has 26 classrooms which can be rented during weekends and when students are on vacation or industrial training.

•The DIT library has adequate facilities to cater for meetings and/or conferences with up to 100 participants. The facility is available to the outside community for renting, when it is not in DIT use.

•An executive room with a sitting capacity of about 20 people is also available for renting. This room is furnished with soft chairs and can be ideal for small workshops, meetings and other similar forum. The strategic central location of DIT makes this offer most attractive.

DIT hostels and the Dining Hall may be available when students are out for vacation