Pre Entry Courses

  Pre entry Course Scheme

(i)    The date for Pre- entry Course is advertised in DIT website. Tentatively, this Course starts within the month of July of each calendar year.

(ii)  All candidates selected for the Pre- entry courses are required to pay prescribed tuition fee before they can be allowed to attend classes. For the Pre-entry Female candidates, the Institute contributes a certain portion of the prescribed tuition fee as described in the advertisement.

(iii)  At the end of the course, the candidates shall sit for a qualifying examination. All candidates who pass all subjects are recommended for admission subject to available chances.

·      Qualifying female candidates may obtain Government sponsorship subject to availability.

·      Other candidates are offered admission as private or third party sponsored students.

·      All qualified female candidates are given priority for the selection over male candidates

    Pre entry Courses Scheme

Pre Bachelor Degree (NTA Level 7-8) Entry Course is aimed to be a one year course but is mainly for candidates who do not qualify under the Direct Entry. Successful candidate will be awarded a Pre Entry Certificate which will be recognized by NACTE and TCU and may be admitted to any Institution/University. The entry qualifications will be announced after completion of the preparation of Pre Entry Course.